Preshaped Drywall Helps...

It’s the new way to do drywall - more than just a trend, preshaped drywall changes everything!

Preshaped Drywall usage saves you TIME, MONEY and reduces liabilities while providing you a BETTER FINISHED END PRODUCT.

How Does Preshaped Drywall Work?

With years in construction services, we know what challenges so many installers, builders and contractors on a day to day basis. That is why we recognized the potential of pre-cut and pre-shaped drywall ready to assemble on site at every project. See below for examples of how American Preshaped Drywall can help on every project.

Typically a client will contact us first to make us aware of their basic overall requirements and then follows up to send an email with any drawings, details or attachments that specify exactly what is needed. We then respond to confirm we know exactly what your project requires and follow up with a specification addressing any other requirements or on-site delivery.

Please don’t feel limited by what you see here. If you have an idea that can possibly be “pre-formed drywall” we can provide precision assembly and delivery on-site. Contact us any time for more information.

Preshaped Drywall will save you TIME

Preshaped Drywall will save you time “every day”.

On complex projects, it allows you to better define spaces in advance and go on-site with ready to fit, pre-scored pieces.

For simpler projects, it can mean the difference between hours vs. days on a job site. In addition to far less, if any on-site preparation this solution eliminates metal corners, paper wraps and joint compound plus the sanding, finishing and cleanup those can require.

On large commercial projects, the difference is astounding. From blueprints to cut boards ready to install and they eliminate countless hours of costly finishing.

Contact us to learn how we can save you time.

Simple cross section

This simple channel shows how a pre-formed drywall sheet will vastly reduce on-site drywall preparation

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Conquer the Complex

Jobs that might be infeasible from any other technique become real with American Preshaped Drywall.

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Preshaped Drywall will save you MONEY

Preshaped drywall saves money just as eagerly as it saves time.

One way is simply by saving time, but there's more to that as well. By creating living hinges within the drywall and making use of a monocoque structure there are parts savings too. Metal edging, GONE, paper taping seams? A thing of the past. And Joint Compound? You’ll be using far less of that too. None of that changes the fact that the 600lb gorilla in the room is the cost of labor and pre-formed parts reduces labor immensely.

Contact us to see how American Preshaped Drywall can save you money.

Make Complicated Simple

Jobs that once required extensive on-site preparation and craftsmanship are now vastly simplified.

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Defeat Repetitive Tasks

Labor is where project costs run astray. Avoid costly on-site preparation by showing up prepared to install!

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Preshaped Delivers on Quality

You will quickly notice when you employ Preshaped Drywall technology in your work that the level of precision fit is increased by a level of tolerance. Edges where sanding fills might be imperfect no longer happen. A 90° fold is a perfect fold too so no worries there either. Our digital mill is accurate to two decimal places to create templates that fit exactly where they need to be.

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A Designer’s Dream

Custom forms like this channel used to require extensive on-site labor. Now with Preshaped you're free to imagine the possibilities.

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Quality on a grand scale

With savings on site, measuring (twice) cutting, and seam finishing you’ll achieve a quality to which others aspire."

Sample Cross Section

This is how various cross sections can be described. As long as you have the measurements for each side of the exposed angle, let us do the hard stuff.

Let us know what you need

We can customize profiles with angles and curves, you provide the details, we provide the parts!

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Since 2016, we have been providing this unique building product to the Tri-state area and beyond. Within our website we hope to help you know us better and see what Preshaped Drywall can do for you. Please visit our Gallery, get Product Info or Contact us today.

Of course, you can also Contact Us Today with any specific questions you have about us, our products and services or how we can help you be more productive and profitable. Your success is our goal.