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Take a look at what we can do, from basic shapes to endless possibilities.

Our projects run a gamut from artfully complex to time saving simple shapes...

We invite you to browse through this project portfolio to see the range of what this astounding new drywall installation technology can achieve. We believe this transformative innovation will yield even more astounding results as more installers, designers, architects and engineers delight in its performance applications. Of course if you have any questions in mind about a specific application we’ll be happy to hear from you. Contact us at your convenience, but first, please have a scroll or swipe through our project gallery.

How will you use Preshaped Drywall?

This product provides you with unlimited creativity to face some of the installation related challenges you face head on with easier more cost-effective solutions. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Review the gallery below for some ideas.

No Limits

The sky is literally the limit of options for preshaped!

Preshaped Castle Cut

One of the simplest time-savers for onsite installation.

A Soffit Cut

This creates a very clean hidden channel to conceal various types of lighting or other mechanical gear without a complex installation.

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Retail Interior

One area where Preshaped Drywall really shines is for use in retail display environments. Adds the “Wow!” Factor

Square Column

Another Great time (and space) saver is the simple square column.

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Beam Encasement

What a great way to provide a finish for structural steel beams.

Commercial Lobby

Commercial and Corporate Center Lobbies are great use-cases for Preshaped Drywall.

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Practical and Artistic

The preshaped encasements provide the finish to structural and functional elements.

Another view

Preshaped drywall performs here on traditional column encasement.

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A flying finish!

We credit great architectural design and installation with this success story.

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And now available to you, direct!

Until recently, the cost of this type of finish was out of reach for many projects, but no longer. With American Pre-Shaped Drywall you can let your imagination run wild without stretching your budget.

We want to know how you plan to use Preshaped Drywall to make your project a knockout! Contact us for answers, ideas and suggestions.

How Preshaped Helps...

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How it works...

Since 2016, we have been providing this unique building product to the Tri-state area and beyond. Within our website we hope to help you know us better and see what Preshaped Drywall can do for you. Please visit our Gallery, get Product Info or Contact us today.

Of course, you can also Contact Us Today with any specific questions you have about us, our products and services or how we can help you be more productive and profitable. Your success is our goal.