Endless Possibilities...

From Basic Shapes to Endless Possibilities. Save Time and Money while delivering a better final result!

Preshaped Drywall opens a new frontier in interior design and installation.

Welcome to the future of Drywall. In the past, Drywall installation meant almost entirely on-site preparation and skilled installation to take flat sheets of material and make forms, corners and with no small effort curves. That just isn’t the “American” Way though is it? Not being one to leave something alone we wanted to make sure builders are no longer restriceted by the investment in on-site equipment and time to create simple or complex drywall installations.

So let us introduce Pre-Shaped Drywall.

American Pre-Shaped Drywall Inc. (APS) provides custom, made to order, pre-formed drywall shapes to the drywall contractor who is looking to save time and money on your next project.

BENEFITS from our product:

  • ELIMINATE the need for metal or plastic corner bead, staples or adhesive, and joint compound
  • ELIMINATE the LABOR cost needed for traditional corners, including finishing and sanding
  • ELIMINATE the need for framing and some material costs
  • INCREASE fabrication options: radius, fluting access panels, etc.
  • IMPROVE QUALITY by reducing corner flare and deflection created by corner bead and joint compound
  • REDUCE worksite waste and dust, making your site more “green friendly”

YOUR CUSTOMERS - Applications are endless:

  • Commercial Office / Shopping Malls / Apartment Complexes
  • Theaters / Galleries / Museums / Churches
  • Stadiums / Airports / Hotels / Restaurants
  • Schools / Banks / Show Rooms

Great Precision

The precision nature of preshaped drywall allows you to do things which might otherwise be impossible or infeasible. Wall board can now be treated as a sculptural medium. If you’re an architect or designer let your imagination go wild and ask us how we can help you bring your ideas to life!

APS uses advanced panel fabrication technology to create everything from perfect inside and outside corners to more intricate shapes - in fact, just about any shape you desire!

Due to the digital system, each drywall piece will be cut and fabricated to the exact specifications needed for your project, no matter how large or small your order. The process cuts grooves into the drywall to allow folding the product into any desired shape – from a straight “L” cut to custom “Z” cut or curves.

Ready to Install

Don’t get bogged down making custom-fit parts on site! When you exploit our processes you make better use of on-site time with faster installation.

Due to the elimination of traditional framing and materials, installation of our custom, pre-fabricated drywall products have never been easier!

  • Installations are much quicker and look more precise and professional – less labor and handling required when you receive our product.
  • Due to the technology used to produce your order, job site waste and dust are reduced.
  • Your product is carefully wrapped at our facility, can be supplied flat packed or preformed, and available for pick up or delivery, your choice!

From Basic Shapes...

Don’t tell everyone but the true magic of Preshaped Drywall is that you can use it to make simple, common construction shapes off-site for far less than cornering and patching in sections of drywall. Save Time, Save Money - American Preshaped Drywall - The Future of Drywall starts now.

Drywall innovation allows us to preform any curve or angle, from frame to finish, giving perfect results every time!

Standard profiles are generally used in the majority of projects, whether a soffit or duct cap, for walls, ceiling bulkheads, column linings, or for end terminations to partition walls. These profiles come with tight folding options, clean and sharp edge finish, and high stability and strength.

“L” Profile

Standard straight 90° cut used in typical applications and available for next day delivery:

  • Inside and outside corners to partition walls
  • Single bulkheads, upstands and down stands in ceilings
  • Door reveals on partitions
  • Light troughs for concealed lighting arrangements

“U” Profile

Standard 90° angle cut used in typical applications and available for next day delivery:

  • Beam encasements
  • Door reveals for partitions and dry lining
  • Free openings in partitions
  • Light troughs and concealed lighting arrangements
  • Floating end caps to partitions

“Z” Profile

Sides are formed at 90° to each other and are used in typical applications as well as custom designs and available for early delivery:

  • Corner profiles to walls
  • Beam encasements
  • Bulkheads in ceilings
  • Door reveals on partitions and dry lining
  • Changes in wall thickness

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Explore the Endless Possibilities

Preshaped Drywall makes the impossible, possible! As it’s the future of Drywall this is a product and process you should be familiar with.

Custom profiles are gaining increased interest, from Ceiling clouds and aesthetically-pleasing columns to unique architecture for all types of businesses. Architects and contractors will love the advantages they gain using our high-quality design solutions over traditional methods. Our product can replace more costly materials and reduce labor time and cost when installed. The designs are endless!

“Curved” Profile

Sides are formed at 90° to each other and are used in typical applications as well as custom designs and available for early delivery:

  • Corner profiles to walls
  • Beam encasements
  • Bulkheads in ceilings
  • Door reveals on partitions and dry lining
  • Changes in wall thickness
  • Custom Columns

It does so much, so well.

This evolutionary product can enhance so many different challenges installers and builders face that it would be impossible to name them all. Consider the range of possibilities and let us know what challenges you face that we might be able to help with.

“Endless” Designs

APS’ technical expertise, combined with traditional methods, can generate even greater possibilities for intricate, unusual features and details in walls and ceilings and other building structures. We will review your project drawings and discuss options and cost.

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No Limits

The uses for this product are limitless. Let your imagination soar with new design options.

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Simple Cuts!

This castle cut is just one example of a time-saver for on-site installations in office buildings and high rises and various commercial spaces.

Utility Channels

Preshaped drywall makes hiding utilities such as plumbing and electrical easier than ever. Channels can be custom-sized for various applications.

Square Column

Another Great time (and space) saver is the simple square column. Compare the above to corner braces and compound on 4-edges.

Simple Measurements

All we need are specific measurements or technical drawings and your parts arrive, on-sight, designed to fit-right-in.

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Length and Angles

Our system can apply various angles and dimensions to create exactly the shape you require. A perfect fit even accounting for material thickness.

And now available to you directly...

This product can simplify and enable options that in the past simply wouldn't be cost-feasible; but now, they are! The sooner you become experienced in this, the sooner you increase your profit and simplify on-site installations.

What others can not, you CAN and WILL.

Use our new website to learn how our process works, and how we can save you time and money on installations while also increasing finish quality.

Ask how we can help you!

How Preshaped Helps...

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How it works...

Since 2016, we have been providing this unique building product to the Tri-state area and beyond. Within our website we hope to help you know us better and see what Preshaped Drywall can do for you. Please visit our Gallery, get Product Info or Contact us today.

Of course, you can also Contact Us Today with any specific questions you have about us, our products and services or how we can help you be more productive and profitable. Your success is our goal.