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My name is Jim Capuano, product developer and owner of AMERICAN PRE-SHAPED DRYWALL. I have been in the construction business for more than 40 years, 13 years as a Union Carpenter, having worked with GCs and subcontractors as both laborer and site supervisor, for all scopes of renovations and commercial building projects throughout the Tri-State area.


In my experience, I have clearly come to learn that TIME, MONEY, and QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP are the key factors to winning that important project bid.

With that said, I wanted to start a company that would provide an environmentally-friendly, technology-enriched product which would take the construction industry to the next level…

  • A drywall product that makes each GC’s project a success which will fortify mutually-beneficial relationships with their project team managers, subcontractors, and architects
  • Solidify future ongoing business with these clients.

In doing my research, I have found a concept that will do just that…

I want to introduce to you the FUTURE OF DRYWALL – a process that will save you time and money on your residential and commercial drywall projects.

The APS Mission

Our mission is to provide contractors with a professionally-finished, pre-fabricated drywall product, at a price that is better than traditional drywall methods, which has been systematically prepared to reduce labor, material costs and waste (green is good!). In turn, the use of this custom product will increase your chances to win more project bids while making the drywall contractor’s project experience easier without sacrificing quality.

American Pre-Shaped Drywall services locations in Southeastern PA, Southern NJ, Delaware, and Northern Maryland. Our management team will work directly with you during every step of the process, from estimation to pick up/delivery.

To learn about our custom profiles and revolutionary system, I invite you to visit our “ABOUT PRESHAPED DRYWALL” page.

Feel free to contact us for a FREE sample made to your specifications and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to building the future with you!


Jim Capuano
Product Developer/Owner

Digital Precision Milling

Our mastered high-precision digital processes. Carefully maintained and highly precise equipment assures the consistency and accuracy of every piece we make.


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Since 2016, we have been providing this unique building product to the Tri-state area and beyond. Within our website we hope to help you know us better and see what Preshaped Drywall can do for you. Please visit our Gallery, get Product Info or Contact us today.

Of course, you can also Contact Us Today with any specific questions you have about us, our products and services or how we can help you be more productive and profitable. Your success is our goal.